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PZ Myers Is Upset By Jennifer Lawrence’s Bum

Or, to be more precise, what she did with her bum in Hawaii.

Lawrence was on a film shoot there when she got a little itchy, and decided to relieve herself by rubbing up against some “sacred rocks” on site. This has upset some people, who think that Lawrence was disrespectful. Whatever.

Exactly why PZ is vexed by this is somewhat of a mystery, though. Myers, in case you didn’t know, became something of a cult figure after desecrating a Catholic communion wafer. Why would someone of that mindset even care about this?

Well, the PZ Myers of 2016 is different to the PZ Myers who tormented our dopey Catholic cousins years ago. Gone is the scientific rationalist, replaced with a squishy Social Justice Warrior who filters life through the lens of minority issues.

“But isn’t it good to empathize with ethnic minorities?” you might say. Yeah, OK. But here’s the thing: PZ wants to have the secular, scientific worldview for himself; but the natives of Hawaii should wallow in superstitious ignorance. This can only be described as racist.

The proper response is this: A rock is a rock, nothing more. There are no “sacred” rocks, just as there are no “holy” places.

That’s the Mediocrity Principle, and PZ should learn it.


The Goy Has Defiled The Temple

A few days ago I wrote about an appearance made by Christopher Bollyn at Brooklyn Commons, and the fallout from this event. While this incident is rather puny in the grand scheme of things, there were some interesting themes to be explored, such as “safe spaces” and freedom of speech.

I found one reaction in particular to be rather revealing: that of the pompous and pretentious academic (and Crooked Timber contributor) Professor Corey Robin.

Corey Robin was invited to be a guest on a progressive radio show at Brooklyn Commons, but couldn’t  bring himself to do so. Robin’s post basically admits that his decision is irrational, but I found the last line to be the most intriguing:

I simply could not feel clean walking through those doors.

Now, for those who don’t know, Corey Robin is an adherent of Conservative Judaism, something he has mentioned several times on his blog. This is an interesting insight into the mentality of the modern Left, particularly in the United States.

Contradictory to the materialistic viewpoint, which sees all parts of the world as being part of the same system and thus rejecting the notion of such things as “holy” spaces, Robin sees the Brooklyn Commons as a kind of temple, where only the ideologically pure can enter without some sort of ruckus being created — and so it was. It is no surprise that the ringleader of the protests was Daniel Sieradski, a self-described Orthodox Jew who turned the Occupy protests into a kind of Jewish folk festival.

This kind of backward and superstitious thinking has been a problem for the Left long before this episode, but with so much of the Left’s achievements hanging by a thread this kind of mentality can only lead to disaster.

We need more Trotskys and fewer Robins in the 21st century. 

Mr. Bollyn Goes To Brooklyn

To be more specific, Christopher Bollyn went to Brooklyn Commons…and a shitstorm erupted.

Bollyn, if don’t know already, is an internet conspiracy theorist. There are more of these than you can poke a stick at, but Bollyn seems to have a relatively high profile among these (don’t ask me why). He also doesn’t appear to like Jews much.

That, of course, was the crux of the issue. There were denunciations. People protested. The Commons’ owner, Melissa Ennen, was indifferent. The event went ahead: Bollyn went overtime, refused to answer questions, and generally irritated his audience. Those who attended likely went home to drown their sorrows in resentment at having wasted two hours of their lives. Bollyn probably headed back to his hotel room to be sucked off by a Sudanese prostitute.

What was missed in all the excitement was the main problem: the reliance of progressive activists on wealthy patrons.

Having to rely on the liberal sensibilities of Lord Muck or Lady Chatterley is a major burden for cash-strapped organizations. This has been a problem since forever, but the Bernie Sanders campaign showed a way out, with lots of people giving small donations you can provide a counterweight the big money of a few hundred donors.

This is the hard road to freedom, but it will be worth it when activists are free of people like Melissa Ennen.

My Wikipedia Page


OK, calm down — I don’t actually have a Wikipedia page. Someone who does have a Wikipedia page is Daniel Sieradski.


Good question. Anyhow, if Danny Boy can get a Wikipedia entry, then why can’t I? So here it is: what I would write if I had to compose my own wiki.


thenodster (b.1978) is an Australian blogger and serial internet pest who currently resides in Sydney, New South Wales.

thenodster began his career as an internet troublemaker after receiving his first laptop as a birthday gift in 2012. One of his first acts upon receiving this laptop was to create a Twitter account, thus beginning a four-year odyssey which has seen  thenodster go from a complete unknown to a widely-despised internet fucktard.

Some of thenodster‘s more notorious conflicts have been with PZ Myers, Jerry Coyne, and Sam Kriss. Coyne, for example, has written about thenodster on at least three separate occasions, although Coyne is seemingly unaware of this, as these materials were sent under three different names.

thenodster has been responsible for several Twitter parody accounts. Among those parodied have been Michael C. Moynihan (one of thenodster‘s sworn enemies), Max Blumenthal, and Justin Raimondo. Raimondo was particularly upset, launching a copyright claim over the parody account’s profile picture. This resulted in the photo being removed, as well as Twitter sending  thenodster Justin Raimondo’s personal information. Blumenthal — who thenodster has something of a soft spot for — was the coolest about being parodied. Moynihan suggested the person parodying him was tweeting from jail.

Another creation of thenodster was the character “Bonkin’ Billy”. This was originally meant to be a Twitter account mocking the marital infidelities of Australian politician Bill Shorten, but was changed to a ‘randy bisexual Texan cowboy’ at the last minute. “Billy” made a lot of crude remarks to people such as Donald Trump and Kanye West, and was quickly suspended. The character was briefly revived at The Slymepit* under the name “BillyTheHillbilly”, but so enraged the ‘Pitters that he was banned after just one post. Posting status was regained after an appeal to moderators, but “Billy” was permanently banned a few months later, again because of remarks directed at Kanye West.

There are some comments that thenodster is said to regret: saying that John Dolan was a “papist with substance abuse issues”; threatening to eat Caroline Criado-Perez’s dog; and various things that went too far. thenodster is reportedly making a conscious effort to be a better internet citizen.

*The Slymepit is an internet forum for mentally-challenged people who identify as atheists



The Best Little Website On The ‘Net


No, actually — it’s Twitter.

Many people will tell you Twitter is an awful place; nothing could be further from the truth. Twitter may be one of the most fascinating social experiments ever conducted, and has probably provided enough material for a century’s worth of psychological and anthropological studies.

Firstly, there are cliques and sub-cliques: Weird Twitter, Black Twitter, Conservative (#tcot), Beliebers, Directioners, and so on. These groups exist side-by-side on the same platform, but many of these groups will be essentially self-contained, rarely interacting with members of other cliques. This would appear to refute the more hopeful notions about the internet, namely that direct contact with those different to us would lead to increased communication and understanding between various kinds of human beings.

Twitter is perhaps the most anarchic and democratic creation of the modern era.

Before Twitter, elite media pundits could shoot their mouth off with gay abandon, knowing that they wouldn’t have to confront any backlash about the stupid opinions they offer. Nasty letters (and the occasional dog turd) could be handled by some underling; phone numbers could remain private.

But now, every stupid opinion offered up by these pundits can be scrutinized and ridiculed. They have nowhere to hide — and they don’t like it. Many opine about “harassment”, as if being held accountable for what you say in the public arena represents criminal conduct on the part of those holding you to account. What a bunch of sooks!

What the future holds for our favourite microblogging service is anyone’s guess. But if Twitter were to fold, it still would have given us some great moments along the way.

Bless you, Twitter, you mad bastard.

Maybe Sam Kriss Isn’t So Bad After All…

Yes, he’s still an annoying dweeb, but he’s managed to provoke Jerry Coyne into producing one of his five million-word rants. PZ is still pissed off with him too.  

Well done, you little pommy weirdo.


Sam Kriss Is A Loser

That seems like a fairly obvious statement, for those familiar the man’s work. But why is Sam Kriss a loser? 

It’s not like he’s alone among the Western Left: Apart from the Muslim-huggers and Tumblr feminists, you have a sleazy meth-head like Mark Ames, the perennial man-child Jeb Lund, the pizza-munching shut-in Dan O’Sullivan, the Leader of Al-Qaeda in Canada (John Semley), Max ‘Son Of Sid’ Blumenthal, among others.

Perhaps, though, “loser” is too strong a word for Ames (whose work on labour issues I respect), and Blumenthal (who made the list primarily because he called a practising Muslim, Tarek Fatah, an “Islamophobe”) — at least you could say that these people are competent. This isn’t the case with Sam Kriss, however.

There is nothing so spectacularly awful about his writing or personality — he is a garden-variety postmodernist pseud — such that anyone would be provoked into stating that they actually hate Sam Kriss*. So why is he so irritating?

The problem with Kriss is that there seems to be an emptiness at the heart of whatever he says and does. A complete lack of gravitas. A boy on a man’s mission.

There are worse sins than this. Kriss can’t help the hand he was dealt by Nature. But who wants to read something by a person stuck in a permanent intellectual adolescence?

*This is a personal opinion. Howard Jacobson and PZ Myers would feel otherwise.