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February 4, 2018

You’re poking about on the internet; you come across a website that claims to be “crowd funded” and “independent” — sounds good. You start reading…but something seems off. It seems that all these writers seem to have a worldview that precisely matches that of the US State Department, or MI6.

Welcome to Spooksville.

This is what someone who randomly came across the Bellingcat website might feel. Luckily, there is an open-source tool called the Internet, where you can find out that its founder, Eliot Higgins, is just another think tank grifter trying to restart the Cold War to boost his bank balance. Case solved.

There are some critters that are a little slipperier.

Take, for example, Little Atoms. This outfit is upfront about its alignment with British government policy in Syria (which is standard for the British media), though who exactly is pulling the financial strings remains unknown. Little Atoms is a “product” of 89UP, a London-based PR company; who or what finances 89UP is unknown to me at this stage. There are clues, however.

While Little Atoms is really mad about Syria, it has little interest in Yemen; and when I say “little,” I mean zero: Little Atoms’ Twitter account has never mentioned that country, and their main site only contains two references to Yemen (once in an article attacking Iran, another in a passing comment by Padraig Reidy that admits the bombs being used by the Saudis are “British-built”).

This lack of outrage at “British-built” Saudi atrocities hints at a possible link between the Saudis and Little Atoms. I am, however, merely speculating.

Slippery critters.

UPDATE: I have been informed by the folk at Little Atoms that the latest print edition of the magazine has a piece on Yemen, by Iona Craig. I will read this if I can find it.


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