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Michael Jackson Was Right

May 11, 2017

Twenty years ago, Jackson released a song called ‘They Don’t Care About Us’. Exactly who Jackson — an African-American who had infamously bleached his skin white — meant by “us” seemed something of a mystery at the time, given that Jackson himself was a mega-rich celebrity living in the fantasy world of the Neverland ranch, far removed from the everyday struggles of Black America.

Last year, however, I discovered who Jackson was talking about: me.

On 26 July, a eugenicist psychopath murdered 19 disabled people in a care home in Sagamihara, Japan. The reaction to this around the globe to this was…nothing. Nobody gave a shit. Social media was silent. Japanese authorities didn’t release the names of the victims. 

Now, this universe is a cold, dark, empty, and lonely place; but at least we have some sense of being-ness, a sense that our bodies and minds are a tiny bit of something-ness amongst the void. These people were denied that.

This episode is a disturbing one for people with disabilities, a reminder that the “normal” are utterly indifferent to our fate. We are nothing.


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