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Sorry Folks, But Matt Bruenig Is Actually A Fascist

May 8, 2017

OK, maybe I’m indulging in a little hypabowl. But the term ‘anticapitalist, but socially conservative Catholic’ is a descriptor that fits nicely with historical figures such as Franco and Salazar.

We have been informed by several dudebros and weirdos that the Bruenig family’s hostility toward women’s reproductive rights is no big deal, because Liz Bruenig is a “nice person”. Now I’m not one to take the opinions of podcast clowns and internet fucktards seriously, but this has to be one of the lamest arguments ever put forward by anyone. I have little doubt that most of the reactionary housewives in Alabama will happily bake you a pumpkin pie, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

I would suggest that Americans who believe in reproductive rights steer well clear of these Papists. 


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One Comment
  1. Rosa Luxembourg permalink

    Nice anti-Catholic bigotry. Reminds me of the Klan protesting Al Smith. Are you a fascist?

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