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The Tribal Instinct

April 19, 2017

Why are some “socialist” or “anarchist” Jews upset by attacks on the Jewish Establishment? This is a puzzle to me. Some examples:

  • Mark Ames once lavished praise on bigoted Jewish ethnic activist Deborah Lipstadt. When I called him out on this, he made vague references on social media about “holocaust deniers” making comments at his site. I made no comments about the holocaust, I merely embarrassed him for his hypocrisy (Ames frequently calls others “racist”).
  • Occupy Wall Street activist Daniel Sieradski got upset with me for being mean to Jewish billionaires.
  • Why does Corey Robin consider “white privilege” to be a legitimate subject of discussion but not “Jewish privilege”?

I find it strange that these men are so attached to their ethnic identity that they consider attacks on Jewish elites as attacks on themselves. I don’t have any delusions that wealthy and powerful people of Western European backgrounds are one of my kind — I could drop dead tomorrow, and Kerry Stokes wouldn’t give a shit. So why does the tribalist mindset still motivate these people?  



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