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Who Is Greg Palast?

April 16, 2017

If you ask Greg himself, he might say ‘fearless investigative reporter, grassroots progressive activist, enemy of the Koch brothers’; and if you were to read Palast’s articles, this sounds about right.

But there’s a problem.

Greg Palast is not merely the sum of his written works — he appears on other media, and those other media have a rather dubious background.

Palast has made numerous appearances on Infowars, home of fat-faced right-wing freak Alex Jones. Why? My answer would be the Stratfor connection. I’ve long suspected that Jones’ kooky performances are a kind of online Venus flytrap created to lure internet wackos into a single, easy-to-monitor cyberspace — but that’s just a theory.

What is not a theory is Palast’s connections to Mossad. These have been exposed by none other than Christopher Bollyn, whose controversial appearance at Brookln Commons was the subject of a previous post here. Palast being a relative of David Kimche could actually be disregarded, if Palast’s views on Middle Eastern affairs weren’t aligned with the those of the Israeli government.

When America’s Mongo-in-Chief bombed a Syrian airbase after an alleged sarin attack, you might have thought that erstwhile “progressive” Palast would be none too thrilled with this act of US imperial aggression.

Think again.

Not only does he support the military action against a long-time enemy of Israel, Palast even managed to crack a boner over Hillary Clinton! Whatever gets you through the night, Greg.

Sadly, a lot of wide-eyed young people will turn up to public events to watch this bloke speak, without knowing the full story. If they knew the truth, maybe they’d find someone better to listen to.




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