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A Challenge To Felix Biederman

January 16, 2017

The art of trolling is not an easy one. Targets are surprisingly hard to find, and repeated attacks on the Usual Suspects soon becomes a dreary task. A thin skin and a decent helping of self-righteousness create the best quarry (PZ Myers and Jerry Coyne, in particular), but even these men wise up eventually.

Muslims are the worst, owing to their natural cowardice; the #tcot brigade aren’t much fun either, owing to their lack of intelligence; SJWs also run when confronted. So where to from here?

I need something dramatic to spice up my online life — I need to feel alive. That’s why I’m issuing a challenge to Felix Biederman for a fist fight — to the death.

Why Felix?” you may ask. Well, the first thing is that he is a jock. A victory for myself would be a small victory for the cultivated people of this world. Biederman is also, I’m led to believe, a Jew. Given the mayhem that filthy Judaic ideologies have created  over the past two millenia, this would be a triumph for the noble-minded people of this planet.

No doubt Felix gets a lot of harassment from weirdos on the internet; but I doubt that he has encountered anyone as weird as me. I’m a very sick man, who has very sick thoughts. I know I will never get any better, but I trudge on — Sisyphus-like — regardless. I am a man who is easily amused, and usually docile. But the depravity of Muslims is eating away my sanity. Having to share a planet with these creatures is making my life unbearable. The solution to this problem is obvious, but of course no-one is willing to act.

Another pro to this situation is that I don’t really dislike Felix all that much. There would be some dignity in losing to him, something that wouldn’t be the case in many other situations. There would be something obscene about someone like myself dying at the hands of, say, a Sunni Muslim — one more triumph of the subhuman over the human. 

So this is a genuine challenge, to remain in perpetuity. Any time, any where.



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