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PZ Myers Is Upset By Jennifer Lawrence’s Bum

December 11, 2016

Or, to be more precise, what she did with her bum in Hawaii.

Lawrence was on a film shoot there when she got a little itchy, and decided to relieve herself by rubbing up against some “sacred rocks” on site. This has upset some people, who think that Lawrence was disrespectful. Whatever.

Exactly why PZ is vexed by this is somewhat of a mystery, though. Myers, in case you didn’t know, became something of a cult figure after desecrating a Catholic communion wafer. Why would someone of that mindset even care about this?

Well, the PZ Myers of 2016 is different to the PZ Myers who tormented our dopey Catholic cousins years ago. Gone is the scientific rationalist, replaced with a squishy Social Justice Warrior who filters life through the lens of minority issues.

“But isn’t it good to empathize with ethnic minorities?” you might say. Yeah, OK. But here’s the thing: PZ wants to have the secular, scientific worldview for himself; but the natives of Hawaii should wallow in superstitious ignorance. This can only be described as racist.

The proper response is this: A rock is a rock, nothing more. There are no “sacred” rocks, just as there are no “holy” places.

That’s the Mediocrity Principle, and PZ should learn it.



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One Comment
  1. Jib Halyard permalink

    Unsurprisingly, PZ Meyers resorts to the “punching up/punching down” red herring. Of course he does.
    Though if I were a Protestant-born desecrator of things Catholic, it would probably not be my first choice of rationalisations…

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