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The Goy Has Defiled The Temple

November 4, 2016

A few days ago I wrote about an appearance made by Christopher Bollyn at Brooklyn Commons, and the fallout from this event. While this incident is rather puny in the grand scheme of things, there were some interesting themes to be explored, such as “safe spaces” and freedom of speech.

I found one reaction in particular to be rather revealing: that of the pompous and pretentious academic (and Crooked Timber contributor) Professor Corey Robin.

Corey Robin was invited to be a guest on a progressive radio show at Brooklyn Commons, but couldn’t  bring himself to do so. Robin’s post basically admits that his decision is irrational, but I found the last line to be the most intriguing:

I simply could not feel clean walking through those doors.

Now, for those who don’t know, Corey Robin is an adherent of Conservative Judaism, something he has mentioned several times on his blog. This is an interesting insight into the mentality of the modern Left, particularly in the United States.

Contradictory to the materialistic viewpoint, which sees all parts of the world as being part of the same system and thus rejecting the notion of such things as “holy” spaces, Robin sees the Brooklyn Commons as a kind of temple, where only the ideologically pure can enter without some sort of ruckus being created — and so it was. It is no surprise that the ringleader of the protests was Daniel Sieradski, a self-described Orthodox Jew who turned the Occupy protests into a kind of Jewish folk festival.

This kind of backward and superstitious thinking has been a problem for the Left long before this episode, but with so much of the Left’s achievements hanging by a thread this kind of mentality can only lead to disaster.

We need more Trotskys and fewer Robins in the 21st century. 


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