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Mr. Bollyn Goes To Brooklyn

October 30, 2016

To be more specific, Christopher Bollyn went to Brooklyn Commons…and a shitstorm erupted.

Bollyn, if don’t know already, is an internet conspiracy theorist. There are more of these than you can poke a stick at, but Bollyn seems to have a relatively high profile among these (don’t ask me why). He also doesn’t appear to like Jews much.

That, of course, was the crux of the issue. There were denunciations. People protested. The Commons’ owner, Melissa Ennen, was indifferent. The event went ahead: Bollyn went overtime, refused to answer questions, and generally irritated his audience. Those who attended likely went home to drown their sorrows in resentment at having wasted two hours of their lives. Bollyn probably headed back to his hotel room to be sucked off by a Sudanese prostitute.

What was missed in all the excitement was the main problem: the reliance of progressive activists on wealthy patrons.

Having to rely on the liberal sensibilities of Lord Muck or Lady Chatterley is a major burden for cash-strapped organizations. This has been a problem since forever, but the Bernie Sanders campaign showed a way out, with lots of people giving small donations you can provide a counterweight the big money of a few hundred donors.

This is the hard road to freedom, but it will be worth it when activists are free of people like Melissa Ennen.


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