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October 20, 2016


OK, calm down — I don’t actually have a Wikipedia page. Someone who does have a Wikipedia page is Daniel Sieradski.


Good question. Anyhow, if Danny Boy can get a Wikipedia entry, then why can’t I? So here it is: what I would write if I had to compose my own wiki.


thenodster (b.1978) is an Australian blogger and serial internet pest who currently resides in Sydney, New South Wales.

thenodster began his career as an internet troublemaker after receiving his first laptop as a birthday gift in 2012. One of his first acts upon receiving this laptop was to create a Twitter account, thus beginning a four-year odyssey which has seen  thenodster go from a complete unknown to a widely-despised internet fucktard.

Some of thenodster‘s more notorious conflicts have been with PZ Myers, Jerry Coyne, and Sam Kriss. Coyne, for example, has written about thenodster on at least three separate occasions, although Coyne is seemingly unaware of this, as these materials were sent under three different names.

thenodster has been responsible for several Twitter parody accounts. Among those parodied have been Michael C. Moynihan (one of thenodster‘s sworn enemies), Max Blumenthal, and Justin Raimondo. Raimondo was particularly upset, launching a copyright claim over the parody account’s profile picture. This resulted in the photo being removed, as well as Twitter sending  thenodster Justin Raimondo’s personal information. Blumenthal — who thenodster has something of a soft spot for — was the coolest about being parodied. Moynihan suggested the person parodying him was tweeting from jail.

Another creation of thenodster was the character “Bonkin’ Billy”. This was originally meant to be a Twitter account mocking the marital infidelities of Australian politician Bill Shorten, but was changed to a ‘randy bisexual Texan cowboy’ at the last minute. “Billy” made a lot of crude remarks to people such as Donald Trump and Kanye West, and was quickly suspended. The character was briefly revived at The Slymepit* under the name “BillyTheHillbilly”, but so enraged the ‘Pitters that he was banned after just one post. Posting status was regained after an appeal to moderators, but “Billy” was permanently banned a few months later, again because of remarks directed at Kanye West.

There are some comments that thenodster is said to regret: saying that John Dolan was a “papist with substance abuse issues”; threatening to eat Caroline Criado-Perez’s dog; and various things that went too far. thenodster is reportedly making a conscious effort to be a better internet citizen.

*The Slymepit is an internet forum for mentally-challenged people who identify as atheists




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