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The Best Little Website On The ‘Net

October 12, 2016


No, actually — it’s Twitter.

Many people will tell you Twitter is an awful place; nothing could be further from the truth. Twitter may be one of the most fascinating social experiments ever conducted, and has probably provided enough material for a century’s worth of psychological and anthropological studies.

Firstly, there are cliques and sub-cliques: Weird Twitter, Black Twitter, Conservative (#tcot), Beliebers, Directioners, and so on. These groups exist side-by-side on the same platform, but many of these groups will be essentially self-contained, rarely interacting with members of other cliques. This would appear to refute the more hopeful notions about the internet, namely that direct contact with those different to us would lead to increased communication and understanding between various kinds of human beings.

Twitter is perhaps the most anarchic and democratic creation of the modern era.

Before Twitter, elite media pundits could shoot their mouth off with gay abandon, knowing that they wouldn’t have to confront any backlash about the stupid opinions they offer. Nasty letters (and the occasional dog turd) could be handled by some underling; phone numbers could remain private.

But now, every stupid opinion offered up by these pundits can be scrutinized and ridiculed. They have nowhere to hide — and they don’t like it. Many opine about “harassment”, as if being held accountable for what you say in the public arena represents criminal conduct on the part of those holding you to account. What a bunch of sooks!

What the future holds for our favourite microblogging service is anyone’s guess. But if Twitter were to fold, it still would have given us some great moments along the way.

Bless you, Twitter, you mad bastard.


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