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Sam Kriss Is A Loser

September 21, 2016

That seems like a fairly obvious statement, for those familiar the man’s work. But why is Sam Kriss a loser? 

It’s not like he’s alone among the Western Left: Apart from the Muslim-huggers and Tumblr feminists, you have a sleazy meth-head like Mark Ames, the perennial man-child Jeb Lund, the pizza-munching shut-in Dan O’Sullivan, the Leader of Al-Qaeda in Canada (John Semley), Max ‘Son Of Sid’ Blumenthal, among others.

Perhaps, though, “loser” is too strong a word for Ames (whose work on labour issues I respect), and Blumenthal (who made the list primarily because he called a practising Muslim, Tarek Fatah, an “Islamophobe”) — at least you could say that these people are competent. This isn’t the case with Sam Kriss, however.

There is nothing so spectacularly awful about his writing or personality — he is a garden-variety postmodernist pseud — such that anyone would be provoked into stating that they actually hate Sam Kriss*. So why is he so irritating?

The problem with Kriss is that there seems to be an emptiness at the heart of whatever he says and does. A complete lack of gravitas. A boy on a man’s mission.

There are worse sins than this. Kriss can’t help the hand he was dealt by Nature. But who wants to read something by a person stuck in a permanent intellectual adolescence?

*This is a personal opinion. Howard Jacobson and PZ Myers would feel otherwise.

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