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On Civility

September 14, 2016

Anyone who has been reading my Twitter timeline this year would know that my interest in both British and American politics has been piqued by the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn  and Bernie Sanders as major political players. I have also been closely monitoring the opinions of elite media pundits.

The results are not pretty.

In the US, “liberal” media commentators have a disdain for ordinary people that rivals the contempt that a 19th-century English toff might have had for a starving Irish peasant. Any attempts by the working class to involve themselves in the political system are considered an improper intrusion by witless yokels into the rightful domain of the Sensible People. 

In Britain, the situation is even worse, with the faux radicals at The Guardian teaming up with the Tory press to make Jeremy Corbyn’s life a misery. These people even have a mascot — a dismal dork named Owen Smith, who is challenging Corbyn for the Labour leadership.

The core complaint made about the supporters of Bernie and Jeremy is that they are rude and often downright mean to these Elite Media Pundits. Maybe so. But were any demands made of Blairites or Clintonites to be nicer to their opponents? Not that I saw.

You don’t have to be Noam Chomsky to work out what is happening here: A privileged group is using its power to coerce and subdue unruly underlings. The calls for “civility” were always intended to be a one-way street.

So, the answer to this, it seems, is obvious — be UNcivil. Be so uncivil that these deadbeats run screaming for the hills.

It may be our only hope.


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