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We Don’t Need Another (Atheist) Hero

September 1, 2016

Because there are plenty of atheist heroes already.

You’ll often hear the lamentation that the “heroes” of the atheist movement turned out to be not-so-heroic after all (Richard Dawkins will usually be at or near the top of this list). This sort of thinking is typical amongst the English-speaking “Social Justice” clique of movement atheism, but it only reflects their Anglocentric worldview that squabbles between Skepchicks and Dawkbros represent a major struggle in the war for the preservation of Civilization As We Know It.

Their opponents have a similar attitude: the reputations of poncy English biologists and sleazy “skeptic” fuckwits must be defended at all costs. Dozens of people at The Slymepit waste their lives fretting over insults to Great Men, while a genuine atheist hero like Raif Badawi languishes in a prison overseen by the world’s vilest savages.

Yet none of this is necessary. There are plenty of atheist heroes of the past waiting to be discovered, such as Al-Ma’arri and Matthias Knutzen. When you read about such figures, you feel like your mind is expanding through time and space, and you are deeply comforted by the idea that tenth-century Syrians and seventeenth-century Germans felt the same way you do.


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