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One More Reason To Love Bernie Sanders

June 10, 2016

He won’t give up. Despite attacks from ferals in the US media like Jack Shafer, Bernie just won’t back down, and this has only made him a bigger legend than he already is.

OK, Bernie has lost the electoral battle — but he may end up winning the war. This is in the hands of the FBI. But there’s more at stake here.

Bernie 2016 isn’t just about Bernie. It’s about laying the foundations for a new generation of political progressives.

Of course, the mainstream media don’t really get this (and they don’t like it much, either). But the big-time media can get f*cked as far as I’m concerned. This isn’t about them — it’s about a movement that could change politics not just in one country, but in all countries caught in the socio-political stagnation of the neoliberal era.

It’s time for the whole world to FEEL THE BERN!


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