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Prince Is Dead… And I Couldn’t Be Happier

April 22, 2016

What? That’s incredibly insensitive! How can you be so mean? Here’s how —

Prince wouldn’t share his his videos on YouTube. 

I can hear the obvious riposte already: “Those videos are his creation, his property. If he didn’t want them on the internet, that’s his decision.” 

True. But no-one was asking him to give his music away for free; he could have made plenty of money from ad revenue. But Purple Boy chose to be a jerk about it, so everyone had to miss out.

Look, I’m not gloating about the little weirdo going to the great purple nightclub in the sky, but let’s be realistic. Prince lived a life of adulation and opulence for most of his adult life, with sex and cocaine virtually on-tap. Most of us will never experience such decadence for a day, let alone the thirty-five-odd years that His Purpleness did.

I’m not hating on the little guy for being rich and successful — Prince made some great soul-infused electro funk pop. But we’re not talking about Casta Diva here. There are no nuclear codes hidden in the lyrics to Raspberry Beret either. 

So let’s drop the pretentiousness. A heap of people are going to upload Prince film clips in the next couple of days. If the folk at YouTube want to tack 30-second ads for car insurance onto these, fine. But please stop pretending that 1980s pop rock is too good for the internet.


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