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Dawkins, Twitter, Repeat

February 1, 2016

Yep, Richard Dawkins — the geriatric shitlord of atheist activism — has created yet another drama on the world’s least profitable microblogging site.

But this time it’s different — Dawkins has lost a speaking gig in the US. This has dragged the online clusterfuck out by several days, giving me the opportunity to be the 47 millionth person to shoot their mouth off about this episode.

Without boring you with the details, Dawkins retweeted a YouTube cartoon mocking an Islamist fuckwit called “Dawah Man”, and a foul-mouthed feminist by the name of Chanty Binx*, whose antics at a Men’s Rights event in Toronto made her an immediate internet sensation.

Not long after he retweeted the video, Dawkins was informed that the woman depicted wasn’t a generic ‘angry feminist’ as he’d apparently assumed, but a real woman who had copped some severe abuse from anti-feminist types. Dawkins then deleted the tweet — but the damage was done.

I’m not that interested in what Richard Dawkins does with his spare time (he could spend the rest of his days snorting coke off the nipples of strippers at Soho nightclubs for all I care), but this does present the opportunity to clear up a few issues relating to Islam, feminism, and atheist activism.

  • Feminism and Atheism are separate causes, for now, and forever.
  • There are feminists who shy away from giving Islam the intense treatment it deserves, presumably to avoid being associated with Right-wing anti-Islam types. This has to change.
  • People who want to integrate Feminism into their Atheist worldview are welcome to, they cannot however demand  that others do the same.
  • Ditching speakers because they make inflammatory comments at other venues sets a very dangerous precedent, and will lead to only the blandest personalities getting gigs at secular conferences.

A life without the strictures of religious belief offers a pathway to Freedom that most of our ancestors were denied. If there is a point to atheism, it’s that atheists should be able to make whatever they want of their unbelief. If PZ Myers wants to build a shrine to Gloria Steinem in his backyard, then good luck to him. If he wants to build that shrine in my backyard, the he can go fuck an octopus.

Let Freedom reign.

*According to Tha Internet, probably a pseudonym.



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  1. Isn’t Dawkings above posting such lame videos? I’m all for anti-Islam but Binx has taken too much abuse. Even if she did say stupid things, it doesn’t excuse how people made a caricature of her.

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