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The Awful Truth

January 20, 2016

Why do so many members of the Regressive Left go soft on Islam?

Are they particularly fond of Muslims? Some, perhaps. But that doesn’t explain the indifference to the mass murder of cartoonists and rock music fans. As someone who was something of a teenage Marxist, and who has some insight at least into the Left-wing mind, the truth is very unpleasant indeed.

The truth is that the Left want the Jihadis to triumph, at least briefly. Then, with capitalist society on its knees, the Left will take control and from the chaos implement the Revolution. 

This sounds like a wild gambit — and it is — but there is something of a precedent for this: the Iranian revolution of 1979. Back then, the Left-wing students were the instigators of the revolt, but the Islamists rode on the anti-imperialist coattails of the Leninists, managed to hijack the situation and gain power. The situation I’ve outlined is a reversal of events in Iran.

Right now a Communist revolution or a global Caliphate look forlorn prospects, but that won’t stop the extremists of all political persuasions making the effort, and forming strange alliances along the way.


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  1. jnfjsf permalink

    you are an ignorant fool loose the bull about islam and look up to your jew owners asshole as your fellow evangelical weirdos

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