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Rating The Atheist Community

October 5, 2015

Inspired by the new app Peeple, I’ve decided to try my hand at rating folks in the atheist community, with ratings as a percentage. Here goes:

RICHARD DAWKINS: Senile. Twitter troublemaker. May or may not be Emma Watson’s father. 34%

PZ MYERS: Authoritarian hick. Widely believed to have cooties in his beard. 18%

JERRY COYNE: Doxer. Hypocrite. Butt ugly. 17%

CJ WERLEMAN: Literary kleptomaniac. Reformed Islamophobe. Tanned complexion. 21%

GODFREY ELFWICK: The most beautiful creature the world has known. 97%


MICHAEL SHERMER: [Redacted for legal reasons] 22%

STEVEN PINKER: Smug twerp. Awful hair. 29%

SAM HARRIS: Ben Stiller impersonator. Can spot a Muslim a mile off. Hippie/Yuppie hybrid. 32%

JACLYN GLENN: CJ Werleman’s girlfriend. 21%

RICHARD CARRIER (Ph. D): Jesus truther. Enjoys shooting jizz on women’s faces. Staunch feminist ally. 24%

PENN JILLETTE: Admits to being afraid of Muslims. Koch propagandist. -473%

REBECCA WATSON: Skeptical chick. Girl-next-door type. Takes the stairs these days. 30%

Only one of these folks passed the character test, and he isn’t even real. When I’m in a more generous mood, I’ll do a post about the more likable people in the atheist movement. 


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