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Dear Carlton & Essendon Supporters: SUCK IT UP!

August 18, 2015

It has been a bad year for supporters of both the Essendon and Carlton AFL clubs, culminating in a Round 20 nightmare that sees these two teams at the lowest point in their histories.

After a solid start to the season the Bombers have completely disintegrated, poleaxed by the Adelaide Crows to the tune of 112 points on Saturday. Controversial* coach James Hird resigned this afternoon.

The Blues have been awful from the get-go, and have already sacked coach Mick Malthouse after just eight matches. On Saturday night they were hammered by 64 points by the usually hopeless Brisbane Lions.

Should we have any sympathy for them? NO!

When these two clubs were on top of the AFL heap, did their supporters give a shit about anyone else? No — they didn’t give a flying fuck about the Bulldogs or Saints or any team that had found only a fraction of the success and riches that they had. In fact, their arrogance and smugness were enough to make you sick.

So my message to Bombers and Blues fans is this: SUCK IT UP, boys and girls, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

*For reasons that are too long (and boring) to explain here. Your search engine is your friend.


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