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I Send Weird Things To People On The Internet (Part One)

June 6, 2015

Yes I do. But don’t hate me for it — these people deserve what I dish out, so I make no apologies for anything I’ve done. Anyway, here are some classic hits:

PZ Gets Email Based on Dolan’s classic article arguing for a nuclear winter. I turned up the crazy to 11 for this one, and it worked.

Jerry Coyne’s nose  Another censorious hypocrite gets his comeuppance. This led to the doxing of the “pudding Basin punk” Gerard O’Neill.

Lightning Strikes Twice  I didn’t hold high hopes for this one, but the Jew thing really hits a nerve with Professor Ceiling Cat.

In Part Two, we ask the question: “Will this right-wing journalist post my crazy emails on Twitter?” And the answer is a resounding “YES!”


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