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Dear Jerry Coyne

February 7, 2015

Guest Post by Instagram‘s Gerard O’Neill

Dear Jewboy,

I’m a dick. I’ll admit it. And I don’t like Jews — is there a law against that? In fact, I’d rather spend an afternoon with a big hairy Muslim than a hideous kike such as yourself, but I digress.

Your readers said some pretty nasty stuff about me, mocking my haircut, intelligence, and deriding my future career prospects. In short, your fanboys are a pack of douchebags.

But one thing I didn’t do is send that email. I barely even use the internet, being the party animal that I am, so I’m not likely to waste my time sending shit to nerdy geeks like you. I have better things to do, such as bangin’ bitches and smokin’ weed.

I know that Hebes such as yourself think you run the world, but I will ask you politely to do this one thing: PLEASE REMOVE MY INSTAGRAM PICS FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

Yours sincerely



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