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Everything Stays The Same

December 26, 2014

Well, another year is nearly done. Has anything changed from 2013? I’m living in a different home, which has been a bonus (I no longer have to climb two flights of stairs), but what of the wider world?

Perhaps the biggest freak-out has been about Daesh (the artists formerly known as Islamic State), and their rampage through Syria and Iraq. The momentum of these Islamofascist chumps has been stalled somewhat by the only group in the Middle East that you could genuinely describe as awesome — the Kurds. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be played out but in the long run I think the Caliphate will last about as long as Mal Meninga’s political career.

The acting world lost two of its brightest stars this year in tragic circumstances: Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Talents of this magnitude are virtually irreplaceable, and will further impact on a movie industry that seems less willing than ever to make “serious” movies.

Not much else seems to have changed, however. The stupid people are every bit as stupid as they were on New Year’s Day. Tony Abbott is still an embarrassment, but 2015 might be the year he gets his comeuppance.The planet still wends its way to environmental catastrophe, but we don’t seem willing to do anything serious about it. Maybe we’ve taken up too much of the Universe’s time and energy already.


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