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No, Kanye West Is Not A Genius

December 21, 2014

Many people, including Kanye himself, seem to think otherwise. But why? There’s nothing in his music — a fairly polished rap with an infusion of standard R&B — that leaps out at you and screams “WOW!”

So we have an explanatory gap. What is it about Kanye West that gets so many people throwing round the ‘G’ word?

Well, there’s another ‘G’ word out there: GUILT, or, to be more precise, WHITE GUILT. This intriguing and generally useless social phenomenon is the only explanation that makes any sense to this little blogger. No matter how many times you listen to Gold Digger, it’s never going to morph into the Liebsduett, and its creator will never have the creative abilities of John Lennon.

But why is Kanye West the focal point of White Guilt in the 21st century? Maybe it’s the need of modern progressives to show their anti-racist bona fides  at every opportunity; maybe they are just trying to humour him; but there’s another factor: his face.

Kanye West is an ugly, ugly man. Butt ugly. Fugly. Scaring small children ugly. Burn your eyes ugly. Ugly ugly ugly. But what has this got to do with his music? Nothing. But it does make him an object of pity, and that’s the kind of thing that will send the White Guilt machine into overdrive.

Unfortunately, it also turns a reasonably talented rap/R&B performer with unpleasant features into a “genius”, a title that should be reserved only for the very elite of the artistic community.


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