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Various People Share Their Thoughts On “thenodster”

December 11, 2014

My extracurricular activity has certainly created some excitement over at WEIT, where Jerry Coyne and his devoted followers have identified me as the next Hitler, something I expected from some quarter at some point in my life, though probably not for making fun of a blogger’s nose.

Anyhoo, this is not the first time I have drawn the ire of the famous, nearly-famous, or complete unknowns. Here then is list of opinions offered about Yours Truly, gathered together for the first time:

“Go choke on shit, Stormfront fucktard.” — advice from a pro-Israel Gamergater

“A socialist welfare scrounger and Jihadi sympathiser” — Rupert Murdoch

“Just a fat, irritating loudmouth in desperate need of psychiatric help” — Roseanne Barr

“Needs to be kicked in the teeth by an elephant” — random feminist on Twitter

“A complete loser…with a ridiculous hairstyle” — Donald Trump

“Undoubtedly a rapist scumbag” — PZ Myers

“…the kind of guy who can’t be trusted around a can of Zyklon B.” — Jerry Coyne

“My research, and I do this sort of stuff every day folks, shows that this guy is a paid-up member of the Illuminati, a false flag terrorist in the pay of the CIA, a propagandist for George Soros…just, he’s the Devil folks… just thinking about this guy makes me want to puke!” — Alex Jones

“A transphobic asshole” — every trans person on Twitter

“…you are no friend to women” — Clementine Ford

These comments have so far been negative and often hostile, but I did get some positive feedback from an unexpected source:

“He love me long time, even longer time than Tony Blair!” — Wendi Deng

If you are wondering why I didn’t use blockquotes, I tried and they looked shit.


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