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The Evil of Islam

September 25, 2014

These things are what happens on the news, in some far-flung country well out of our sphere. But not here, in cosy little Australia: the land of beer, thongs, footy, and Saturday arvo in the TAB*. Sure, things were actually more complicated than that, and there’s always been a darker side to the knockabout Ocker.

But nothing as menacing as this has appeared on our shore – the jihadis are here, and they want our blood.

Their shiny, brand-new Caliphate appears to be stillborn. When the reality of defeat finally sinks in, that’s when they will be at their most dangerous. The tension is already mounting.

At this time the only real statement that should be made is the basic truth: there is only one reason for any of this, and that reason is ISLAM. Until this failed ideology disappears from this planet everyone is at risk. There should be no shame or reservation in stating this – civilization itself depends on it.

*Totalisator Agency Board, formerly government-run (now privatized) betting shop


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