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Feminism, Egalitarianism, and the tribal mind

August 11, 2014

I am generally skeptical about the claims of evolutionary psychology, and I think it has produced little insight into the human condition so far, but I’m starting to think the tribal mentality is so ingrained in our psyches that long-term political progress may be more difficult than we imagine.

In this instance, it’s the inability of feminists* to comprehend that someone may actually be a fully-fledged Egalitarian – someone who supports equal rights but not the aggressive political agenda {He used the word “aggressive” in relation to feminists! MRA ALERT!} of radical feminism.

This short-sightedness may be a by-product of humans living for so long under the conditions of obsequiousness to some tyrant or clique that many people find it virtually impossible to comprehend that you may not be on some side regarding a particular issue or debate. Those who do subscribe to a particular belief system need to recognize that independent thinkers are entitled to their own voice, and that applies to everyone of all socio-political stripes.

*Note: I also happen to think the Men’s Rights movement is a complete basket case. I will post on that issue another time.



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