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Greta Christina Loses It

July 29, 2014

Another day, another depressing incident at FreethoughtBlogs. I have been placed under ‘comment moderation’ by Greta Christina, for the alleged crime of “thread derailment”, though it is clear to any objective reader that the comments I made on Israel (the apparent basis for the derailment charge) were in direct response to a statement made by another commenter, who was responding to an earlier comment of mine.

I can return to this blog’s comment section if I am to offer a grovelling apology for derailing the thread. Given the spurious nature of these charges it can be safely said that this apology will not be forthcoming.


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  1. I don’t know or care what you wrote, what Greta wrote or what the outcome was. I don’t care who was right. But since you won’t quote anything, here’s Greta’s comment policy for anyone reading:

    • The issue with Greta Christina is a fairly straightforward one. One of the commenters claimed that we should orient our policies toward ‘historically oppressed groups’. I replied to this comment by stating our actions should be guided by universal values (implied but not stated was support for the usual, boring ones such as political rights and economic development), and that indulging ‘historically oppressed groups’ could have serious repercussions. This exchange occurred the day after the IDF had mown down four Gazan kids playing soccer on the beach, and I referenced that as an example of where that idea can go horribly wrong. Not long after that Christina intervened, accusing me of “derailing” the thread. Her decision was over the top; I would have stopped mentioning Israel etc. if she had simply asked me to.

  2. Perhaps she had ideas about derailment that differ from yours. I think it might be her blog and she might get to decide the rules. You can complain for sure but you don’t get to decide that her response was over the top. By whose standards? Yours?

    And why not – *actually why not* – show the link to this thread? What are you so scared of?

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