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It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll – And I Don’t Like It

I’ve been thinking a bit about the death of Rock, and the inevitable question arises: How much of Ye Olde Rocke (say, pre-1980) actually holds up? I will take a brief look at just a few of the biggest bands of that era, giving my personal untrained opinion.

THE BEATLES: They started out as pop idols, but they were rockers in the second half of their existence, so they have a place here. Were their albums any good? Rubber Soul is dogshit, and the White Album is massively over-rated. Sgt Pepper’s has that great album cover, but is rather weak musically. Their best effort was Magical Mystery Tour, though that is an EP with some ‘greatest hits’ tacked on.

THE ROLLING STONES: Famously spurned by the Grammys for a quarter century (a good sign, if you ask Homer Simpson), I have to say their work still rates — even if the guitar work is a little clunky.

THE WHO: Once acclaimed as the world’s loudest rock band, Daltrey’s lame vocals limited what the band could do. I guess they could say they were good at one thing (being loud).

AEROSMITH: After a solid but unspectacular 1970s, the group gained a second life in the mid-80s. Overall, one of the better rock groups that America has produced, but whether that reputation can be sustained on their pre-1980 work is the real question.

DEEP PURPLE: It’s dated, and a little screamy, but I didn’t mind listening to their stuff again. Not the worst, but not something I want to listen to every day.

BLACK SABBATH: I had a dream about Ozzy Osbourne a few nights back. Not fussed with Sabbath, a pretty ordinary outfit.

MOTORHEAD: Another act hampered by a poor vocalist. Honestly, a random bloke in your local pub could sing better than Lemmy, total shit.

CREAM: Hailed as the first-ever “supergroup,” I genuinely like these guys. Tick.

KISS: An abomination, truly a blight on human civilization. Not only did they make awful music, but Gene Simmons is one of the most repulsive creatures in showbiz.

LED ZEPPELIN: I could never really understand the love for these guys. It’s not terrible, but whenever I hear their stuff, I feel like I should be wearing bell-bottoms. Maybe I should play it backwards.

QUEEN: It’s kitsch and twee, but there’s something joyous about their pomposity. Helped by Freddie’s incredible voice, too. Hated at the time, yet more modern than most 70s bands.

Do the classics really deserve the status of classics? Probably not. But that’s just my opinion.

Who Is Philip Cross?

The identity of notorious Wikipedia editor “Philip Cross” has never been established. Many believe that Oliver Kamm, the liberal British journalist, is Cross. I have another theory.

There are several clues which suggest to me that “Philip Cross” may actually be a former Independent blogger living in Cardiff: Tomos Doran.

The first clue is the sheer number of edits that Cross makes. Some have speculated that Cross may not be a single individual, but a team, given the volume of Cross’s work. Doran is a frantic Twitter user, so much so that he actually superseded the maximum number of tweets permitted in a single day, a provision aimed at bots.

Another clue is Cross’s venomous hatred of the Left, shared by self-described “Centrist” Doran. Cross has edited the page of beady-eyed feminist Caroline Criado Perez, while Doran has praised her work many times. Both Cross and Doran identify as atheists.

On September 20, 2020, Doran became irritated that someone editing Wikipedia had used the term “Irish Holocaust” to describe the Irish Famine of the mid-19th century. Doran asked that someone edit Wikipedia on his behalf, claiming to be unable to do so because he was using a VPN; this seemed odd to me, as it only takes a click to disable VPN. One explanation may be the ban on Cross editing pages related to British politics.

The scale of Cross’s editing requires time, something unlikely for someone in paid employment. Since abandoning a career in journalism, Doran has largely been on State assistance.

George Galloway — a frequent target of Cross — once claimed to have identified Cross, but refused to reveal their name, because the person was mentally ill. Doran has mentioned his mental health problems numerous times on social media: stating his issues with psychiatric medication, his battles with alcohol and drug addiction, and has even claimed to have spent time in a psychiatric hospital.

The case against Doran seems solid, but it’s a big world, and there are many in Britain who share his worldview. If “Philip Cross” is someone other than Tomos Doran, feel free to inform me.

The TV Show That Disappeared

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual references, descriptions of artistic sexual assault.

Back in 2004, I watched a two-part British mini-series on ABC TV. The plot involved “wife-swappers,” also known as “swingers.” A couple move move into a new area (it may have been a cul-de-sac, but I can’t be sure) befriending the series villain, played by Bill Nighy. The couple become immersed in the local swinging scene, whose unofficial leader is Nighy’s character.

Not surprisingly, events take a nasty turn. Nighy’s wife disappears, with Nighy’s character claiming she is overseas. The couple suspect this is untrue, and certain developments (which I cannot recall) suggest that Nighy’s character has killed his wife.

Things reach a head when Nighy’s character takes the couple’s sixteen-year-old daughter hostage. At one point Nighy gropes the breasts of the teenager. I cannot remember the details of the show’s ending.

I found the plot rather weak, but that is not why I’m writing about it. The reason I am is because I can find no trace of this program on the internet. I cannot recall the title of this show, nor remember many of the actors who took part. The only reason I remember Nighy playing the main role is because of that particularly loathsome scene, which made me regret watching it.

Is there anyone out there who can remember the name of this?

Clearing The Air (Part One)

I’ve been getting some hassle on social media from some dorks lately, so I’m going to explain some of my opinions on various issues. There will be multiple posts, but I’m not sure how many.

I guess we’re all a little bit racist — Hulk Hogan

Am I a “Holocaust denier”? The honest answer is “yes.”

Let us stake out the maximalist position of Standard Narrative historians: Five to six million dead, gas chambers, an intention to kill every Jew in Europe (or even the world). Even if you accept this, you still have maybe 10%-12% of the total killed in World War Two, and perhaps 3% of those killed by governments worldwide in the twentieth century. Any sensible person would conclude that this is not “the worst crime in history, or “an attack on god himself,” in the hysterical words of the oafish Abraham Foxman.

There is a rather repugnant inauthenticity to this holocaust religion. Does anyone believe that the tears* wept by Theresa May or Dick Cheney are genuine? I find this whole charade to be grossly insulting. Seeing militarists like Waitman Beorn deflect from their own crimes is repulsive, and I refuse to participate.

Am I antisemitic? The answer is also “yes.”

The awful truth is that I despise the Jewish religion, and its offshoots. I have no time for these people. Homer Simpson once said “I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals flaming.” I like my Jews secular, Commie, and troublesome; throw in some chess-playing autistics and physicists. Everyone else can get fucked.

Some antisemitic or demi-antisemitic folk try to mask their bigotry by becoming Zionists. Former Independent blogger turned internet pervert, Tomos Doran, is a notable example of this. Doran clearly loathes Orthodox Jews, but self-describes as a “friend of the Jews.” Which is the real Tomos Doran?

Perhaps Doran should follow the lead of Keith Kahn-Harris, who has grown (a little) in my respect for embracing some element of personal authenticity. For several years, Kahn-Harris pretended to be a cool, detached analyst of the Labour antisemitism “crisis.” But Kahn-Harris recently jumped off the fence, joining in the Jabotinskyist campaign to remove David Miller from Bristol University. This is a positive development.

I can’t pretend to like religious Jews, or Jewish capitalists (though I have a strange soft spot for George Soros). I have no interest in fetishizing this holocaust; I’m not going to indulge in faux solidarity, and it’s an insult to those people to pretend. I must remain true to myself.

*I don’t know if May or Cheney have actually shed tears over this, so please take this metaphorically.

Lana Del Wagner: A Pop Star Sees The World End (Prelude)

Get Free is the final track from Lana Del Rey’s fifth album, Lust For Life. The song has occultist themes, mentioning Aleister Crowley. It contains these somewhat bombastic lyrics:

This is my commitment

My modern manifesto

I’m doin’ it for all of us

Who never got the chance

For… and for… (Shut up, shut up)

And all my birds of paradise (Shut up, shut up)

Who never got to fly at night (Shut up, shut up)

‘Cause they were caught up in the dance

There’s something quite presumptuous about Del Rey singing this in 2017. Lana had been treading water since her breakthrough second album. She would have to produce an epoch-defining artwork to justify the claim to be “doin’ it for all of us.”

Could she do it?

A Night with Keith Kahn-Harris: The Morning After

I poked my finger into a number of subjects in my most recent post, which I feel need some fleshing out. I have resisted the urge to do similar posts in the past, but the number of subjects touched on in the previous blog entry encouraged my to do this follow-up post.

One image that was burned into my mind as a child is the notorious ‘Grim Reaper bowling alley’ AIDS awareness ad. This was perhaps the most famed ad in Australian television history, shocking an entire nation. The disease was, in its earliest stages, disproportionately affecting homosexual men. But why?

I am not going to lecture or browbeat anyone about any one particular proposition regarding the origins of AIDS. I will note the remarkable temporal and spatial coincidences involved in the emergence of HIV and Koprowskis oral polio vaccine; and the use of high doses of polio vaccine in experimental treatments of herpes in gay men.

Some reading: &

The accusation of “Holocaust denial” (much like “antisemitism”) is thrown around so often these days it has lost much of the edge the accusation had in the post-WW2 years. Anyone campaigning on the Palestinian side, or is disliked by the Jewish Establishment, is likely to have the ANTISEMITE tag pinned to them, with HOLOCAUST DENIER thrown in on the flimsiest pretenses.

This is a situation where the Athenian/Jerusalemite dichotomy is useful. In the Athenian world, History is a never-ending process, incorporating new evidence and opinions. The Jerusalemite version treats history as a dogma of established opinions, with the “correct” view of historical events dispensed by institutional experts (priests) who instruct the lay audience what to think.

The best form of intellectual endeavour may come from a synthesis of these worldviews. Expertise cannot be dispensed with entirely, as there are clear differences in knowledge between people. It’s obvious that if I wanted to know more about the Treaty of Westphalia, for example, even reprehensible characters like Niall Ferguson or Simon Schama are better sources than Someone On The Internet. However, as these two are emotionally attached to British imperialism (Ferguson) and Zionism (Schama), I would ignore their statements on these subjects. This is where Athenian “revisionism” would be preferred, and heterodoxy the ideal.

The Grim Reaper AIDS ad:

A Night In Jerusalem with Keith Kahn-Harris

The scruffy English sociologist Keith Kahn-Harris has gotten a mention at this blog several times. This may seem odd, but Kahn-Harris may be one of the most dangerous men in Britain, purely for his penchant for giving a façade of faux reasonableness to unreasonable opinions. This gave cover to the hysterical Jabotinskyist campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, and resulted in the electoral destruction of the Corbyn project*.

Kahn-Harris may not quite be as intentionally insidious as the soccer hooligan press, but it should be noted that Nonce Island’s right-wing media have conducted two hate campaigns in the last five years, the other being against Meghan Markle. In Markle’s case, the liberal Guardianista response was general indifference; with Corbyn, enthusiastic support.

One of the more bizarre examples of this came from Rafael Behr, who insinuated that a fear of being murdered in his sleep by a rampaging mob of Corbyn supporters caused him to have a heart attack. Behr is reputed to have a fondness for icing sugar-coated finger buns, so his diet (and family history of heart disease) are much more likely explanations of his medical episode. Using this unfortunate event to attack Jeremy Corbyn was simply ludicrous.

But I digress.

I am something of a masochist, and I decided to watch some of Kahn-Harris’s presentation to a group called ‘Skeptics In The Pub’. The entire video ran to two hours and forty-six minutes, and, as TISM might say, ‘I might be a cunt, but I’m not a fucking cunt’, so I had no intention of submitting myself to the entire session.

Kahn-Harris’s thesis came across as rather convoluted and Freudian; there seemed to be a lack of genuine skepticism for a presentation to a skeptic society. For instance, Kahn-Harris derides those who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. There is much irrational opposition to vaccines, but there is also much to skeptical about.

There does seem to be solid circumstantial evidence that the AIDS epidemic — which has killed 33 million people — was caused by an experimental version of the polio vaccine.** This, obviously, is highly-contested, and is far from a verified fact; the medical profession has dismissed this possibility, as you would expect. A true skeptic would keep an open mind on these matters.

Kahn-Harris also takes aim at Holocaust deniers, though exactly who falls into this category is still unclear. Is Raul Hilberg — supposedly the doyen of Holocaust scholars — a denier because he testified under oath that there was no scientific evidence that anyone had been killed in gas chambers? This is an important question, as YouTube videos of news reports of this event have been removed for violating ‘hate speech’ conditions. If posting a video record of Hilberg’s court testimony is hateful, who among is not a hate criminal?

Kahn-Harris seems rather hostile to academic freedom, and intellectual freedom more generally. He has signed a petition to remove David Miller from Bristol University (curiously, most petitioners seemed to be medical professionals, unfamiliar to me, but did include the poncy TV historian, Simon Schama). Kahn-Harris also had this to say in a review*** of Gilad Atzmon’s ‘The Wandering Who?’:

So ludicrous are his arguments and so pompous is his tone that it is tempting to dismiss Atzmon as a crank. More genuinely disturbing is the fact that this book was published at all.

Here Kahn-Harris goes full “Jerusalemite,” declaring Atzmon’s work as herem, and abandoning the Athenian ethos of the dialectic. In a review of another Atzmon book, Kahn-Harris denounces Atzmon’s “pretentiousness and bathetic incomprehensibly (sic)” — as sure a case of psychological projection as you are likely to see.

In summary, Kahn-Harris is responsible for some dangerous developments, by: Legitimizing unhinged political and personal attacks by laundering them with academic respectability; using identity politics to attack socialist and egalitarian projects; playing down right-wing extremism, necessary to maintain the boogeyman status of people like Jeremy Corbyn; promoting the empirically false “Labour antisemitism crisis,” damaging the already-tarnished reputation of the social sciences.

*Brexit was a bigger factor, as well as Corbyn’s own deficiencies as Leader. The smear campaign didn’t help.

** I may write a blog post about this.

*** The link tab has become unusable on this version of WordPress. &

Heroes & Villains Of The COVID Era

Troubled times tend to bring our true characters to the fore, so here are few* of the heroes and villains of the last twelve months:


  • Naomi Wolf
  • Alex Berenson
  • Phil Greaves (and assorted “tankies”)
  • Sweden


  • Pro-lockdown health bureaucrats
  • Most governments, especially Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison; and Australian State Premiers;
  • Pro-lockdown civilians
  • The global capitalist oligarchy

*This list is incomplete, obviously, and I may add to the Heroes list. There is quite a lot to reflect on, so I may write a more detailed post in the near future. Stay tuned.

Jews Don’t Count?

This is a guest post by Beergutz Baz, Political Editor of the Soccer Hooligan Gazette.

‘Allo all, I’m back! I’v been detaind for a while “at Her Maj’s pleasure”, as they say inna classicks. I had an altarcation wiv a Pole (mor precisely, the Pole had a run in wiv a metal pole, that is to say, I rammed the Pole’s head into the metal pole 7 or 8 times, at leest ackording to the Prossercuter). I personally hav no wreckollection ov this, ‘aving consumed a duzen pints beforehand. Anyways, its all ova now, the Pole being expected to regain “full mental capasity” an all in the neer future.

So, I’v been catchin’ up wiv currant affairs, the Americkan election (glad to see the back ov that fat retarded cunt, Trump), Brexit, Coronavirus, and all that palaver. I remember writin’ heer about Jezza Corbyn and Jews, and theirs been plenty ov deverlerments since then.

Firstly, Jez led Labour to a massiv defeet at the 2019 Elecktion. Jez woz then replaced by Keif Starmer, a sick fucker who let pedo scum Jimmy Savil off the hook. Then Keif put Jez outta Labour altogevva. The hole thing is a right royal ballsup.

Theirs been no shortidge ov opinyins on this matter, and now this geezer Dave Baddyel — a fucken stand-up comedyan, if yer don’t mind — has written a book.

Now, I hav no intentshun ov reeding this, but Baz here finds it reel weird that Baddyel presumes to hav the credentshuls to write on this subjeck. Dave may not be a total fuckwit, but why shuld we listen to this geezer’s opinyins on this? Hez a comedyan! Who gives a fuck!?

My mate “Nodster” is allways wining about this carackter called Keif Karn Harris, who apparently is The Gardian’s go-to guru on Labour’s antisemiteism crisis. This fella is a “sociologist(the dicktionary says this person studees society, or somefink). Keif is supposed to be a expert in heavy metal (the music, not the chemistery). WHAT A LOAD OF OLD BOLLOCKS!

There are ovva folks who seem way out ov their depf. Rachel Riley — a fit bird wiv a grate mind fur numbers — seems to know fuckall on this, mocking Jez for his protest ov Souf Africkan “aparthide”. Silly cow! They reely are takin’ the piss.

Then there ar a lotta racist people accusing Jez, the Anglish media bein’ ram-packed wiv ’em. Some (who cannot be named fur legal reesons) are even nonces. Some are evan fashist sympapfizers, like that old git Andrew Neel.

Anyhow, the hole thing is a compleet shambles, an I feel a bit fur Jez, despite my Tory sympafees. I cant worry too much, howeva, as life is diffycult enuff as is. I’m heading to the Red Lion for a pint.

Correcting The Record

Given the current purge of internet content, I feel I have to give my true opinions of various matters. ENJOY!

SCOTT MORRISON: Maybe not the best Prime Minister, but a decent bloke trying his best.

JOE BIDEN: A true elder statesman, who will bring stability and decency back to the White House.

KAMALA HARRIS: A strong woman of colour.


BORIS JOHNSON: A loveable scamp who saved Britain from Communist dictator Jeremy Corbyn. The ideal man to have in charge during a crisis.

JEREMY CORBYN: The man who brought racism into British politics. An aspiring Pol Pot who should stick to growing gourds.

ISRAEL: The only democracy in the Middle East, they made the desert bloom. A beacon of light in a dark region.

SAUDI ARABIA: A reliable ally of the west, playing an important role in fighting terrorism.

IRAN: The world’s #1 supporter of terrorism, who also masterminded 9/11.

Juan Guaidó: President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

THE SECOND IRAQ WAR: A very good idea, poorly executed.

SADDAM HUSSEIN: 9/11 mastermind, owner of nuclear weapons.

GEORGE FLOYD: Upstanding citizen.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Always true* (*except when being killed by other Blacks)

ISLAM: One the world’s great religions.

MOHAMMED: Prophet. Possibly the world’s first feminist.

CHRISTIANITY: One of the world’s foremost ethical doctrines, the bedrock of Western civilization.

JUDAISM: A profound philosophy, promulgated by quirky Shirley Temple lookalikes.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY (USA): Never once involved in vote rigging.

JEFF BEZOS: Self-made billionaire, who gave up a career in high finance to pursue his true passion: selling books.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN: Committed suicide.

KANYE WEST: Handsome musical genius.

BEYONCE: A great singer who makes superb music.

RACHEL RILEY: Anti-racism campaigner.


WHITE HELMETS: Brave rescuers, anti-fascist heroes.

LIBERALS: The smartest people around, never wrong.

DONALD TRUMP: The only bad American president. THANK YOU!