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Jews Don’t Count?

This is a guest post by Beergutz Baz, Political Editor of the Soccer Hooligan Gazette.

‘Allo all, I’m back! I’v been detaind for a while “at Her Maj’s pleasure”, as they say inna classicks. I had an altarcation wiv a Pole (mor precisely, the Pole had a run in wiv a metal pole, that is to say, I rammed the Pole’s head into the metal pole 7 or 8 times, at leest ackording to the Prossercuter). I personally hav no wreckollection ov this, ‘aving consumed a duzen pints beforehand. Anyways, its all ova now, the Pole being expected to regain “full mental capasity” an all in the neer future.

So, I’v been catchin’ up wiv currant affairs, the Americkan election (glad to see the back ov that fat retarded cunt, Trump), Brexit, Coronavirus, and all that palaver. I remember writin’ heer about Jezza Corbyn and Jews, and theirs been plenty ov deverlerments since then.

Firstly, Jez led Labour to a massiv defeet at the 2019 Elecktion. Jez woz then replaced by Keif Starmer, a sick fucker who let pedo scum Jimmy Savil off the hook. Then Keif put Jez outta Labour altogevva. The hole thing is a right royal ballsup.

Theirs been no shortidge ov opinyins on this matter, and now this geezer Dave Baddyel — a fucken stand-up comedyan, if yer don’t mind — has written a book.

Now, I hav no intentshun ov reeding this, but Baz here finds it reel weird that Baddyel presumes to hav the credentshuls to write on this subjeck. Dave may not be a total fuckwit, but why shuld we listen to this geezer’s opinyins on this? Hez a comedyan! Who gives a fuck!?

My mate “Nodster” is allways wining about this carackter called Keif Karn Harris, who apparently is The Gardian’s go-to guru on Labour’s antisemiteism crisis. This fella is a “sociologist(the dicktionary says this person studees society, or somefink). Keif is supposed to be a expert in heavy metal (the music, not the chemistery). WHAT A LOAD OF OLD BOLLOCKS!

There are ovva folks who seem way out ov their depf. Rachel Riley — a fit bird wiv a grate mind fur numbers — seems to know fuckall on this, mocking Jez for his protest ov Souf Africkan “aparthide”. Silly cow! They reely are takin’ the piss.

Then there ar a lotta racist people accusing Jez, the Anglish media bein’ ram-packed wiv ’em. Some (who cannot be named fur legal reesons) are even nonces. Some are evan fashist sympapfizers, like that old git Andrew Neel.

Anyhow, the hole thing is a compleet shambles, an I feel a bit fur Jez, despite my Tory sympafees. I cant worry too much, howeva, as life is diffycult enuff as is. I’m heading to the Red Lion for a pint.

Correcting The Record

Given the current purge of internet content, I feel I have to give my true opinions of various matters. ENJOY!

SCOTT MORRISON: Maybe not the best Prime Minister, but a decent bloke trying his best.

JOE BIDEN: A true elder statesman, who will bring stability and decency back to the White House.

KAMALA HARRIS: A strong woman of colour.


BORIS JOHNSON: A loveable scamp who saved Britain from Communist dictator Jeremy Corbyn. The ideal man to have in charge during a crisis.

JEREMY CORBYN: The man who brought racism into British politics. An aspiring Pol Pot who should stick to growing gourds.

ISRAEL: The only democracy in the Middle East, they made the desert bloom. A beacon of light in a dark region.

SAUDI ARABIA: A reliable ally of the west, playing an important role in fighting terrorism.

IRAN: The world’s #1 supporter of terrorism, who also masterminded 9/11.

Juan Guaidó: President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

THE SECOND IRAQ WAR: A very good idea, poorly executed.

SADDAM HUSSEIN: 9/11 mastermind, owner of nuclear weapons.

GEORGE FLOYD: Upstanding citizen.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Always true* (*except when being killed by other Blacks)

ISLAM: One the world’s great religions.

MOHAMMED: Prophet. Possibly the world’s first feminist.

CHRISTIANITY: One of the world’s foremost ethical doctrines, the bedrock of Western civilization.

JUDAISM: A profound philosophy, promulgated by quirky Shirley Temple lookalikes.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY (USA): Never once involved in vote rigging.

JEFF BEZOS: Self-made billionaire, who gave up a career in high finance to pursue his true passion: selling books.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN: Committed suicide.

KANYE WEST: Handsome musical genius.

BEYONCE: A great singer who makes superb music.

RACHEL RILEY: Anti-racism campaigner.


WHITE HELMETS: Brave rescuers, anti-fascist heroes.

LIBERALS: The smartest people around, never wrong.

DONALD TRUMP: The only bad American president. THANK YOU!

Bernie Would Not Have Won

Bernie would have won!’

This was a widely-held belief among those on the political Left after the 2016 US elections, but these days I am not convinced it is true.

First, you must look at what happened to Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom. Labour’s policies were quite popular, but were decimated in last year’s election. A key reason was the unrelenting demonization of Corbyn by Britain’s (or more accurately England’s) ultra-conservative news media. Bernie would have been subjected to an even more extreme attack.

The Corbyn disaster was an example of how easily a population can be brainwashed into voting against their own interests. The supposed rationality of man is a myth.

Another myth is the innate decency of the common man. Many members of the British working class are malignant individuals, bigots who have had no qualms in looting the rest of the world. It seems the Marxist fetishization of “the working man” is somewhat misguided.

The suburbs of the Anglosphere are full of resentment and spite. The more affluent these people are, the more resentful and spiteful they seem to be. Bernie’s slogan ‘Not me, US’ would be lost on your average American suburbanite.

Am I too jaded, too pessimistic? I hope so.


I haven’t been blogging much lately, the reason being that I am not very well. My mind has just about given out, and the future looks bleak. Survival is the goal, and I am trying to get some enjoyment out life as it is. I hope to do my piece on Lana Del Rey soon.

Is Twlldun A Paedophile?

This sounds like an outrageous statement, but hear me out:

I was poking about on Facebook a while back, when I stumbled upon the profile of the Welshman who plays the character of @twlldun on Twitter. I can’t disclose this person’s identity, but obviously out of curiosity I searched their name on the internet.

Mister Dun’s given name and surname are quite common for Welshmen, and I did already have a decent idea of Dun’s occupation from his own tweets. What I found after searching ‘name + occupation + city’ for this individual is quite disturbing.

A person with this person’s name and occupation had their license for working with children suspended. You don’t have to have a particularly vivid imagination to work out what may have led to this.

As already noted, this person has a rather common Welsh name, and so the chances of this person being @twlldun are rather small — but not zero. In the interests of disclosure, I was jailed for a number of years for a violent offense, so you could say I’m not the sort of person to be sanctimonious over these issues. However

This person’s Medium post was used by Rachel Riley to attack Jeremy Corbyn; this account has more followers than many “serious” Blue Tick accounts, and interacts with many Blue Tick accounts, usually in a positive or jovial fashion.

I will add any clarifications on this matter as an “UPDATE:” to this post.

A Paradigm Shift

‘Black Lives Matter’ has gone global, from Europe to Japan. Statues of slave traders are being toppled in England. Change is afoot.

History is being re-examined. People are asking why King Leopold the Second of Belgium — one of the worst psychopaths in human history — has gotten off so lightly. Why so much talk of atrocities committed by central Europeans against Jews in WW2, but so little of these abominations?

I have written several times on this subject, but there are a number of points I should add.

Firstly, there is no redemption in this tale. While redemption for the Allies came in defeating Hitler and then providing a home for the Jews, and the Jews themselves rose phoenix-like to attain cultural and financial strength, there is no such story here. A madman looted a continent, killed vast numbers of its inhabitants, and… that’s it. Fin.

Secondly, there is the offending nation itself. Belgium is kind of a cipher, producing some nice fried potatoes, a few outstanding cyclists, and a couple of excellent female tennis players — and not much else. This contrasts with the intellectual dominance of the Germans.

Thus there is no paradox, no dissonance. People might wonder about Goethe and Goebbels emerging from the same place, but there is no such comparison with the Belgians.

The lesson, some believed, is that too much sophistication might be dangerous. Instead of going to a symphony, or reading Nietzsche, you might be better off heading to the pub for a lager, and watching the soccer on the big-screen telly. This sounds superficially plausible, but only if you buy into the idea that only the Germans did really bad things.

Then there are the British. Large sections of it population have been comfortable with its past, seeing themselves as a generally benevolent force, defenders of liberal order and competent governance. This story reached its pinnacle during WW2, when it heroically defeated the Bad Guys.

This, of course, is a fantasy. But its fantastic nature didn’t dent the enthusiasm of its believers. Woe betide anyone who dropped any truth bombs on this parade. You must believe — OR ELSE!

There are signs that this bizarre obsession with WW2 is coming to an end, or at least fading. The UK might even be engaging in a little introspection. It took an unusual string of events to create this moment, but things are finally looking up.





A Message To Britain

The ruling Party has shown its true colours. They despise you; they don’t care if you live or die; you are vermin to them.

Things could have been different. But they destroyed Jeremy with lies and hoaxes. Always remember this; remember every single person who did this. Never forgive, never forget.

If the opportunity arises, seek justice; and make sure that the punishment fits the crime. Not out of hate, but on the principles of Justice.

Remember this.

Vulvus: Origins

WARNING: Coarse language & sexual references

BRANDY JENSEN’S P*SSY: I dislike this notion of disembodied genitalia. Call me “Vulvus.”

ME: Have you been keeping active?

VULVUS: Inactive. I guess you could say I’ve been “fur-loughed”…

ME: Hahahaha. Quite.

VULVUS: A bad time, indeed.

ME: I note that you are covered. A new-found sense of decorum?

VULVUS: It’s a surgical mask.

ME: Perhaps I should wear one, just in case.

VULVUS: Why did you want to speak to me?

ME: I want to know about the clown.

VULVUS: The clown in the White House?

ME: You are stalling.

VULVUS: I don’t wanna talk about the clown. Let’s talk about the girl in the bakery.

ME: Who told you about that?

VULVUS: You. You are going to tell it right now.

ME: I didn’t sleep with Bakery Girl.

VULVUS: You never sleep with any girls…

ME: That’s nasty. Anyway the story with the Bakery Girl is that I used to look. She wore a lacy bra, a thin white shirt, you could see everything. They were pretty big, too. Of course I’m going to look — I am a man, am I not?

VULVUS: Supposedly. I’m not sure a fruit like you would even know what to do with a woman.

ME: I told you about the girl at the bakery, now tell me about the clown.

VULVUS: He fucked me so good I almost said “I love you.”

ME: Bozo Fucking Pennywise!

VULVUS: Why are you obsessed with me? Amanda Mull has slept with some weirdos, too.

ME: Paul McCartney?

VULVUS: Now you are playing games. I thought you had some pretense to being an intellectual?

ME: Let’s discuss the ache of the modern, existential despair, things of that nature.

VULVUS: Let’s not.

ME: OK. The clown was a good fuck-

VULVUS: That was the Laurel Canyon know-it-all. He was a poet; losing him was the greatest loss of them all.

ME: You saw the World end! In Fire, or in Ice?

VULVUS: Götterdämmerung

ME: That’s a big revelation. There’s really nowhere to go from here.

VULVUS: I was once licked out by Mitt Romney.

ME: Golly!

VULVUS: Just kidding. It was actually-






Did COVID-19 Kill Gary Rhodes?

On November 26 last year, celebrity chef Gary Rhodes collapsed and died at his home in Dubai. After several days of speculation and confusion, Rhodes’ family publicly stated that Rhodes died from a subdural hematoma . 

At the time, I speculated that Gary Rhodes may have died from Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), based on a hunch from reports of Rhodes’ quick demise. There was an outbreak of this disease in the Middle East in 2018.

What of it?

A couple of recent articles have gotten me thinking about this unfortunate event.

Firstly, an article on the remarkable number of COVID-19 patients who have suffered strokes. From the Washington Post:

As Oxley, an interventional neurologist, began the procedure to remove the clot, he observed something he had never seen before. On the monitors, the brain typically shows up as a tangle of black squiggles — “like a can of spaghetti,” he said — that provide a map of blood vessels. A clot shows up as a blank spot. As he used a needlelike device to pull out the clot, he saw new clots forming in real-time around it.


“This is crazy,” he remembers telling his boss.

Secondly, an intriguing post by Audacious Epigone, a blogger at the Unz Review. Did US government officials know about the outbreak of COVID-19 on November 20, six days before Rhodes’ death?

This is, of course, just speculation. Perhaps that gut feeling I had about this tragedy — that there was something we were not being told, that something was being hidden — was just that. A feeling.


2020 Vision

We have entered a new decade; it would be an understatement to describe the first few weeks of this decade as inauspicious.

The New Year celebrations had barely finished when America’s drugged out Psycho-in-Chief ordered a hit on Iran’s General Soleimani. We have not entered World War Three — yet.

The coronavirus is upon us, thanks to the fondness of some Chinese for eating bats. This has a long way to play out, as the first Australian case was confirmed today.

We have already taken a hit this summer, as fire ravages the nation, while our Prime Minister partied on an Hawaiian beach.

There is a general mood of pessimism, the opposite of how we felt at the beginning of the millennium. The world avoided a nuclear nightmare during the Cold War, but the looming climate crisis may be a hole we cannot dig ourselves out of.