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Musical Primates

Michael Nesmith, an original member of The Monkees, died. Much derided for being a manufactured product, they influenced the naming of another “fake” musical outfit: Gorillaz.

I only realized this connection today, yet it was glaringly obvious. I enjoyed watching repeats of the TV show as a kid, so The Monkees were a small part of my life growing up; and while Gorillaz aren’t my favourite act, I am quite fond of Damon Albarn, and a number of their tracks.

We can be blindsided by the bleeding obvious. Remember all those obituaries from Italy during April 2020, and the frantic headlines about the dangers of the novel coronavirus? Nearly all of those people were in their 80s, many of them dying of other causes. Yet many of us (myself included) failed to see what was really happening. If we had noticed that Nature was doing what Nature has always done, things might have been very different.

The Big One

Well, this is the Big One. The contrarians saw it, in particular the hardcore Marxists. Many others, though, failed; or worse, supported it. Those people have trashed their reputations, and have lost all credibility.

This episode has exposed a gaping maw at the heart of our supposed civilization. All those Nazi-themed movies, all the Hitler documentaries, all the constant fetishization of Nazi atrocities — all for nothing. The liberals, the “Leftists,” the Antifa goons never believed in their own propaganda. I always suspected this, but it is galling all the same. There is no sense of satisfaction about being right.

I won’t dwell on this. I am interested now in attempting to anticipate what the authoritarians will do in the future. I have to admit that I believe they will not go quietly, and will intensify their persecution of the unvaccinated and even vaccinated dissenters.

Why am I so pessimistic? I believe that as more and more vaccinated folks become unwell, as booster fatigue sets in, the COVID fanatics will not attempt to hold government officials and pharma giants to account, but simply do what they have done for most of 2021: blame the unvaccinated.

Dangerous times lay ahead for the Unwashed. Be prepared.


CONTENT NOTE: Sexual references, language.

Jukebox 45s. A, 1. Dive bar karaoke. Lanadammerung (light up the stage with a song). An artist at work. Do shit, douche it. Sein-zum-Tode. Coast to coast. Aurora. Mama Cass. Sweet crude. Drilling. Surfing hunk. Skyhook. Booty. Two deadly sins.

I would fuck you, too. Black gold: killing us all, slowly. Mama Cass (reprise). The needle and the damage done. The end is near. A comet? An asteroid? Distress. The sea encroaches. Hahahahahaaa, WIPEOUT!

Ertrinken, versinken, unbewußt.

New World Order

So, this is the New World Order. What will the next decade look like?

Firstly, we need to realize that there is no turning back; the Ruling Class have bared their fangs, as Mark Ames would say. Things are only going to get worse.

The Chinese have won. Not that “our” elites were ever going to resist. On the contrary, they have been itching to do this for a long time.

Australia has been engaging in low-level persecution (the disabled, unemployed, boat people) for a long time; now we are simply seeing a natural expansion of this. “First they came for the dolies…”

If you think that these people are labouring under a misapprehension, and would stop once they understand what they are doing, then it may be you labouring under a misapprehension. They have been waiting for this moment to strike — they know exactly what they are doing.

Will they start arresting people simply for resisting the NWO, for refusing to be vaccinated? This is where I differ from someone like CJ Hopkins: they will go full sicko mode, if they think they can get away with it. As I said, there is no turning back.

The suggestion of non-violent resistance by Hopkins will also fail, unless the majority (or a very large minority) take up the cause.

What do we do? I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Vaccine Passports

This post is not a discussion of the morality of COVID vaccine passports — they are clearly immoral. I want to know how such a system could possibly work.

An app for a mobile phone is easy to create, but rather easily subverted. You could simply borrow a vaccinated person’s phone, or find a duplicate on the black market which will no doubt flourish as these policies are implemented. Policing this at large-scale events would also be unwieldy.

Facial recognition technology has been touted, but this also has flaws. Glasses are currently an issue with this technology; and painting your team’s colours on your face (or even sunscreen) may circumvent this.

Thinking this over the other day, I came to a dramatic and disturbing conclusion: By far the best way – and possibly the ONLY way – to implement a vaccine passport system is to place the passport IN THE VACCINES.

There are no doubt many people who have worked this out already. Have those producing vaccines already taken steps in this direction?

Contaminant in Moderna vaccines suspected to be metallic powder

Reuters, 27 August 2021

I can only speculate on this subject. Time will tell what is going on here.

John Bonham: Human Sacrifice?

Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven is probably the most famous song in rock history, perhaps only rivalled by Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The song is known for its advocacy of Satanism, especially when played in reverse.

A particularly interesting message from the backward version is this:

Someday… we’ll lose one line up… they’ve gotta leave for Satan

Led Zeppelin did indeed lose one of their line up: John Bonham. Bonham officially died of alcohol poisoning; this occurred in the house of known Satanist, Jimmy Page, nine years after the recording of Stairway To Heaven.

Is this a coincidence? The backmasked lyrics are certainly difficult to decipher — this is my interpretation, and thus highly subjective. If John Bonham died during a botched Satanic ritual, we will probably never know.

CORRECTION: “An inquest into John Bonham’s death was held at East Berkshire coroner’s court on October 18th where it was determined that Bonham had died from inhalation of his own vomit during sleep which led to pulmonary edema. (Pulmonary edema describes fluid accumulation in the lungs, which can cause respiratory failure.) The cause of death was put down as “consumption of alcohol”. A verdict of accidental death was arrived at and recorded.

(correction via > )

There’s A War On For Your Mind

... the paradigm of absolute control,                                                                                    

and that's why we started doing simple things, pointing out that we're meant to be in nature and be                                                                

natural. And this is where we find the source that god made, to transcend the new world order and that's 

why they want to try to keep us out of it.

The above is a quote from Alex Jones, taken from Nick Lutsko’s Alex Jones Rants As An Indie Folk Song (the original title mentioned Bon Iver, who was no doubt aghast at the connection with Jones). It turned out to be one of the most prophetic statements of the modern age.

It would be hyperbole to say that Jones was right about everything; but he foresaw the left/liberal desire to imprison the entire population, which most people missed. He spoke against the nightmarish Islamic invasion of Europe, while the “Left” cheered it on.

What of the modern Left? What remains of it is totally discredited, with Anarchists and “antifascists” suffering the biggest dents to their credibility. These people don’t deserve to be anywhere near power. No sensible person would vote for the ALP again, after they facilitated and encouraged a grotesque attack on workers.

Who stood up? Phil Greaves. Who wrote articles for Infowars? Phil Greaves.

It all makes sense now.

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll – And I Don’t Like It

I’ve been thinking a bit about the death of Rock, and the inevitable question arises: How much of Ye Olde Rocke (say, pre-1980) actually holds up? I will take a brief look at just a few of the biggest bands of that era, giving my personal untrained opinion.

THE BEATLES: They started out as pop idols, but they were rockers in the second half of their existence, so they have a place here. Were their albums any good? Rubber Soul is dogshit, and the White Album is massively over-rated. Sgt Pepper’s has that great album cover, but is rather weak musically. Their best effort was Magical Mystery Tour, though that is an EP with some ‘greatest hits’ tacked on.

THE ROLLING STONES: Famously spurned by the Grammys for a quarter century (a good sign, if you ask Homer Simpson), I have to say their work still rates — even if the guitar work is a little clunky.

THE WHO: Once acclaimed as the world’s loudest rock band, Daltrey’s lame vocals limited what the band could do. I guess they could say they were good at one thing (being loud).

AEROSMITH: After a solid but unspectacular 1970s, the group gained a second life in the mid-80s. Overall, one of the better rock groups that America has produced, but whether that reputation can be sustained on their pre-1980 work is the real question.

DEEP PURPLE: It’s dated, and a little screamy, but I didn’t mind listening to their stuff again. Not the worst, but not something I want to listen to every day.

BLACK SABBATH: I had a dream about Ozzy Osbourne a few nights back. Not fussed with Sabbath, a pretty ordinary outfit.

MOTORHEAD: Another act hampered by a poor vocalist. Honestly, a random bloke in your local pub could sing better than Lemmy, total shit.

CREAM: Hailed as the first-ever “supergroup,” I genuinely like these guys. Tick.

KISS: An abomination, truly a blight on human civilization. Not only did they make awful music, but Gene Simmons is one of the most repulsive creatures in showbiz.

LED ZEPPELIN: I could never really understand the love for these guys. It’s not terrible, but whenever I hear their stuff, I feel like I should be wearing bell-bottoms. Maybe I should play it backwards.

QUEEN: It’s kitsch and twee, but there’s something joyous about their pomposity. Helped by Freddie’s incredible voice, too. Hated at the time, yet more modern than most 70s bands.

Do the classics really deserve the status of classics? Probably not. But that’s just my opinion.

Who Is Philip Cross?

The identity of notorious Wikipedia editor “Philip Cross” has never been established. Many believe that Oliver Kamm, the liberal British journalist, is Cross. I have another theory.

There are several clues which suggest to me that “Philip Cross” may actually be a former Independent blogger living in Cardiff: Tomos Doran.

The first clue is the sheer number of edits that Cross makes. Some have speculated that Cross may not be a single individual, but a team, given the volume of Cross’s work. Doran is a frantic Twitter user, so much so that he actually superseded the maximum number of tweets permitted in a single day, a provision aimed at bots.

Another clue is Cross’s venomous hatred of the Left, shared by self-described “Centrist” Doran. Cross has edited the page of beady-eyed feminist Caroline Criado Perez, while Doran has praised her work many times. Both Cross and Doran identify as atheists.

On September 20, 2020, Doran became irritated that someone editing Wikipedia had used the term “Irish Holocaust” to describe the Irish Famine of the mid-19th century. Doran asked that someone edit Wikipedia on his behalf, claiming to be unable to do so because he was using a VPN; this seemed odd to me, as it only takes a click to disable VPN. One explanation may be the ban on Cross editing pages related to British politics.

The scale of Cross’s editing requires time, something unlikely for someone in paid employment. Since abandoning a career in journalism, Doran has largely been on State assistance.

George Galloway — a frequent target of Cross — once claimed to have identified Cross, but refused to reveal their name, because the person was mentally ill. Doran has mentioned his mental health problems numerous times on social media: stating his issues with psychiatric medication, his battles with alcohol and drug addiction, and has even claimed to have spent time in a psychiatric hospital.

The case against Doran seems solid, but it’s a big world, and there are many in Britain who share his worldview. If “Philip Cross” is someone other than Tomos Doran, feel free to inform me.

The TV Show That Disappeared

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual references, descriptions of artistic sexual assault.

Back in 2004, I watched a two-part British mini-series on ABC TV. The plot involved “wife-swappers,” also known as “swingers.” A couple move move into a new area (it may have been a cul-de-sac, but I can’t be sure) befriending the series villain, played by Bill Nighy. The couple become immersed in the local swinging scene, whose unofficial leader is Nighy’s character.

Not surprisingly, events take a nasty turn. Nighy’s wife disappears, with Nighy’s character claiming she is overseas. The couple suspect this is untrue, and certain developments (which I cannot recall) suggest that Nighy’s character has killed his wife.

Things reach a head when Nighy’s character takes the couple’s sixteen-year-old daughter hostage. At one point Nighy gropes the breasts of the teenager. I cannot remember the details of the show’s ending.

I found the plot rather weak, but that is not why I’m writing about it. The reason I am is because I can find no trace of this program on the internet. I cannot recall the title of this show, nor remember many of the actors who took part. The only reason I remember Nighy playing the main role is because of that particularly loathsome scene, which made me regret watching it.

Is there anyone out there who can remember the name of this?